Monday, 28 January 2013

Now that this year’s game is over…

So that was the week that was, when:

  • Armee Gruppe B’s Panzer spearhead reached, but did not cross, the Meuse at Dinant - it was sadly lacking both fuel and equipment.

  • Montgomery’s 21st Army Group severed the Germans’ Main Supply Route at Manhay, XXX Corps winning a hard fought battle against SS Panzers in the process.

  • Patton’s 3rd US Army kicked in the Bulge's Southern shoulder at Diekirch, despite the best efforts of the Fuhrer Begleits Brigade (better known in the Allied camp as the 'Furious Bag Ladies'), and were poised to drive North across Armee Gruppe B's line of advance.
German armour repulsed at Diekirch
All that remained was to thank the players for their participation, with the traditional awards ceremony:

Armee Gruppe B pose for the camera
Nearest the camera on the Axis team is Tim, voted "German we most liked playing against" by the Allied team. Axis award citations included "continuous fortitude in the face of adversity", "putting the wreck in 'recce'" and "promoting hiking to the Panzerwaffe". 
Philip, German CinC, receives the thanks of Dom (right - in the low-vis hoodie) and Umpire Tony (left)

Allies together, British and Americans side by side
Second from the left on the Allied team is Sean, voted "Ally we most enjoyed playing against" by the Axis team.  Allied citations included "unfailing patience and wonderfully developed stiff upper lip", "quietly slipping the stiletto between the ribs of the German hopes for victory" and "mastery of Operational Deception".

After which the Umpires give us their verdict on the week's gaming - giving all the players an overview of how their individual struggles have combined to produce the overall result.

The Umpire team share their view of the week
Of course, even after the awards are handed out, the tables taken down, scenery and figures gathered in and put away, there's still time for one last game of something... 
Just because the battle's over doesn't mean we have to stop playing...
So, what's in our Operations folder for next year?? Well, we're still thinking about that, but stay tuned for further developments.

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