Thursday, 24 January 2013

Monty has a list...

The British are now on the tabletop in force, fighting on the Northern flank of the German bulge.  This gives the Germans some fresh headaches as, in place of machine gun firing P47 Thunderbolt jabos they now, when the skies are clear, find themselves on the receiving end of cannon armed rocket firing Typhoons jabos.  

A 2 Tactical Air Force Typhoon engages German armour (SS Panthers) on the edge of the woods outside Manhay

German flak is still present, and the great majority of allied air sorties at this time are actually being flown against the Luftwaffe and the supply choke points.  The flyboys do lay claim to kills on the tabletop though, which the Germans cannot afford and cannot replace.

We've now reached Christmas Eve in campaign time.  Fighting in the Bulge is focussed on three sectors;

  • In the South East, at the foot of the Bulge, around Diekirch and Ettelbruck, where the US are pressing hard to break through into the German rear and sever the flow of supplies to the columns advancing to the West

Fighting at Ettelbruck - The Germans are on the far side of the river, the Americans are seeking to expand a bridgehead and then pass their armour through a breach in the German front.
  • In the West, the Germans are still seeking to clear the path to the Meuse in the face of US opposition, if they can a) defeat the opposition and b) obtain enough fuel to move onwards...
A nail biting moment for the Germans, driving on Dinant and the Meuse, fighting their way toward  Buissonville.
  • In the North West the British are working to narrow the bulge and counter any German success to the West,
Andy (German) studies the British deployment in the area around Manhay.
So, with two game days left, the Germans are almost in sight of the Meuse, but are being pressed hard on both shoulders.

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