Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Test game

A quick note on the current test game we are playing. We have created a scenario where 2 Battalions of US Infantry, back up by some armour are trying to remove some plucky Volks-Grenadier types from a town. The Germans have 1 Battalion of Infantry and three A/T guns. At this point it would be worth saying that Andy (the German player had the chance of getting 3 xPAK 40s and 3 x PAK38, but managed to only get 2 x PAK38's and 1 x PAK 40 (Oh dear, best look after those then..). The game is also giving us a chance to test a couple of ideas with the new terrain.
The new fields are a bit of an improvement on the carpet tile and lichen (which in many cases was still damp 5 years after being glued to the carpet tiles). The town sectors seem to work well, the one in the foreground has part of a road network built into it, the one to the top left is a type which is just wholly a BUA (built up area). The will be a rule amendment to use these new BUA's as we are experimenting with allowing all platoons into BUA's. I hope to have some of the new roads made soon as well as the edging for wooded areas. For now we are using roofing felt (which I will use as the base material for both of these new designs), but I will pretty them up over the next couple of weeks, time off permitting.
I will post an update on the game and some of the rules ideas that come from it over the next couple of days.
View from the American side of the table....Where are those sneaky Krauts?

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