Thursday, 1 November 2012

OK, I did promise loads...

And I am aware of the maxim 'under-promise, over-deliver', but the pace since my last post has no slackened. In fact there is no real sign of a let up, mostly due to the current 'shooping list' of new bits of scenery needed for the new game....the list as it stands is...

80 Town sector models;

100 Fields, (rebuilding these at the moment);

150 ft of metalled road;

150 ft of secondary road;

60 ft of minor river; (1" wide)

20 ft of Meuse river (4" wide)

6 larger bridges for the Meuse system

200ft of Woods edging.
The good news is ...the fields are about 1/3 completed. I will post an article in the next few days on the construction method employed and a pic or two of the finished articles.

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