Thursday, 27 September 2012

Town sectors (and vehicle bases)

This is one of the newly designed town sectors. The base size is 12cm x 12cm to give you some idea of scale (the basing material is hardboard). These represent a bit of a return to a 'Spearhead' style idea of town sectors, however I am giving some consideration to how the rules will work concerning these. One of my pet hates is to see figures dangling off the I am going to make all 'buildings' block line of sight and line of direct fire, and then design cover modifiers tailored around the town sectors themselves. But that is very much for another post.

To also give some idea of scale, there should be between 20 and 50 of these sectors to a town and between 200-400 to a major city. So far I have made this one, so I have a far way to go, but that is the nature of all things megagame's a small scale on a grand scale..(perhaps I should use that as our tag line)....

The grey sections will form the road network in the towns, and I have used a builders caulk with sawdust scattered over the top to give the ground some texture. The hedges have been made by using rubberised horsehair (or pig's hair) adding pva and saw dust and then painting for effect. Also this is the first look at the new style of bases I want to use for vehicles. The clear base will have some labelling to denote a vehicle number (I think) but the idea is that the vehicles look more embedded in the terrain. Let me know what you think.


  1. They are your toys, and thus your bases, but I think clear plastic will look sh*te on the table, in the numbers that we use.

    They will very quickly get scratched on the bottom, which will show through the top, it being clear!

    I realise you don't have to paint them, and also they can be used in different locations such as desert/grass/snow etc, but you will have to re-base rather a lot of stands, is it worth the bother?



    ps I was once nearly called a genius, so take care when ignoring me!

  2. Hello Brendan...
    They are everyone's to play with, hence the reason for casting around for opinions here and in other places. I'm not decided on the plastic bases at the moment, so I will use them in the test game and give the matter further consideration to the scale of what is involved...before the next game the plan is to
    1) Repaint all of the bases to give a uniform look.
    2) Repaint all of the armour, varnish and apply decals if possible
    3) Replace or repaint the armour bases.

    There was a bit of a split decision on the clear bases at 'The shed' but I am happy to go with the concensus of opinion.