Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Green green a recycled sense...

In an effort to save a small bit of the planet, I have been trawling through the stock of polystyrene hills and recycling them. So if you have attended a megagame before and feel that this hill looks vaguely familiar, it might not be deja vu! This hill has been re based on hardboard, sealed at the base of the hill and then liberally covered in 'gloop' (see early post on terrain boards). Once this had dried, the hill was painted a with a dark brown base coat, the hardboard section painted to blend into the terrain boards and the coats of light grey with some highlights of browns and greens applied for the final effect. This will represent a steep hill when used in the game as will the one below
The next post should contain some images of the new town sectors and villages that are currently being designed.