Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A week without the Shed is like...

I must say that I have had the 'luxury' of weekly wargaming for about 15 years, however a week's holiday beckons. Fortunately its a non-campaign game week so it's not a critical as it might be. And I am very much looking forward to a break , it's long overdue. I did pick up a new camera for the hols and took a few test snaps from the last shed meeting. For those of you who have not met some of the shed members from trips away at Falmouth or Newquay, here are three at work (or play)
Eric (left), the young thrusting Panzer Commander is watching Mark (Festung Europa models) explain exactly how he intends to extract his formation from the temporary blip caused by failing to roll anything above a total of 7 with 3 D6 on three consecutive morale roles. Steve (right) is actually hoping that if he ignores the disaster unfolding to his right, his own infamous 'left hook' can eventually reveal itself....Next month I might be able to persuade, Noel, Neil, Socky, Nick (who is hardly ever out of shot) and even the 'Tall One' to appear...

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  1. Neil isn't here next week and I am unable to appear on camera for tax reasons.