Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Time flies when you're having.....

After a flurry of blog posts, I have been very busy in the world of work over the last six weeks and that combined with the poor weather has curtailed my attempts to re-paint boards etc. I had also planned to run a game scenario at the Exeter Wargames Show, but that has been sidelined and re-scheduled for July in 'the Shed'. On the plus side I have got a new printer.....Now this might not sound much but for those of you who have ever seen Uncle Tony talking to 'Hal', trying to convince previous marks of printer to disgorge documents at a Mega-game event, this is a small step forward.....
The new HAL
I will be back on task soon...I have been painting btw, but for 28mm Napoleonic. I'm tempted to post a pic of two later of my new happy little Italian Velites of the Guard.
Velites of the Italian Guard - Chassuer btn.

In the background is the Grenadier btn which is in the very early stages of production.

When both btns and a handful of skirmishers are painted, I will finish the basing...

Of course, I have a bucketload of WW2 stuff to do to...ignore the giant duck btw....


  1. Go on then...dare you!
    looking forward to it.

  2. Hi Dom
    re your blog

    "I had also planned to run a game scenario at the Wargames, but that has been sidelined and re-scheduled for July in 'the Shed'."

    Was/is that an Ardennes (Megagame) scenario?
    And what/where is "Wargames"?


    ps Your 28mm stuff looks v. good.

  3. It was the Exeter Wargames show...just missed out those two words...will sort that in a minute.

    The scenario was going to be based around the 'Cobra' operation, I'm not sure what we will play test in the few weeks, but something between June and Sept '44.

    Thank you for your PS. It's the 6th or 7th Italian btn I have painted now so I so have it weighed off, but the novelty of painting masses of white unifotms has worn off!!

  4. Hope you don't forget your airborne FOOs for your testgame!?!?!?!?


  5. Lets hope the weather is not heavily overcast....