Monday, 28 May 2012

Back on the boards again

Well I have found some time to have another dash at the terrain boards. Using the brown poster paint method (courtesy of Brendan) to colour the gloop, but I may just move to glooping the hills soon and sanding the rest of the board. I had a look at using marine boards but its a cost issue for the scale I need, so I am drying these 24" boards on 18" polystyrene tiles to hopefully reduce any slight curling in the tiles as they dry. I will keep you posted.....
Same recipe for gloop as before, but with brown poster paint and water added
and as if by magic....its brown not white...


I do have some new tester pots to try new base colours for the boards. B&Q's Forest Fern #1,#2 &#3. Now all I need is the sunshine to return. Still I am listening to Test Match Special while glooping the boards so life is not too bad!!

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