Friday, 1 March 2013

2014 Game places

As things currently stand the plan is to have the following number of places available.

German:Eastern front x 5, Romanians x 3, Afrika Korps x 6, Italians x 2, Japanese x 3.

Russian x 8, British/Commonwealth x 8, American x 3.

At this point I am fairly confident that we can run a small Pacific campaign, but this will be dependent on bookings. The Air and Naval games may be run as evening games, however if we have the player capacity, we could run these during the day and have players in bespoke roles. These options are not on the booking list, but if you are interested (and I know a couple of names who probably will be!!), then let me know. There may also be the chance for players to move from one front to another, if guys are happy to swap around.

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