Sunday, 4 March 2012

Polystyrene is dead.....Long live MDF

Part of the re-organisation for next year is already underway. While I intend use some of the snow terrain (which you can see lower down the blog in selection of photos) the older green terrain is going to bite the dust. And talking of biting dust, the new stuff will be made from MDF (if you have every cut the stuff you will get that tenuous link). However there will also be new roads, rivers and town sectors. I will publish some pics as the new stuff rolls of the production line. And to give you an example of the scale of the task, we usually play on around 800 odd square feet of terrain. Oh and I am re-basing kit too....who needs sleep :)

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  1. The fist MDF square boards have just arrived, and this weekend I am having a bit of a trial run on the terrain making front. Will post some pics when there is something worth showing. Also 2000 clear plastic bases have just turned up....Oh joy